Foodie Gift Ripoff: Lightsaber Chopsticks

Foodie Gift Ripoff: Lightsaber Chopsticks

I'm a geek by trade who loves food. You'd think the idea of lightsaber chopsticks would appeal to me on a visceral level. This is not so.

Why, you ask?

For ¥2900 (about $33), I expect my lightsaber chopsticks to actually, you know, light up. And it would be nice if they made the cool electronic swooping sound as I ate my sushi. Or if they cut the heads off the live sweet shrimp I'm eating so that my itamae can deep-fry them for me.

Alas, they're just pieces of colored plastic that have been marked up obscenely. Someday someone will make food-safe lightsaber chopsticks dignes du nom and that will be a red-letter day for geeks and otaku the world over.

UPDATE: They're only $12.99 here. And yet, somehow, they're still an incredibly bad value.

(Thanks to fellow geek and food lover @wedgex for the tipoff on the ripoff.)

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