Food Truck Delivery... Ingenious!
Piaggio on Wheels

Food Truck Delivery... Ingenious!

There's been a service breakthrough in the food truck world.

Piaggio On Wheels, the Argentine-Brazilian food truck that haunts OC with steak chimichurri, bolinhos de peixe and alfajores, was parked at the Bruery in Placentia on Friday night. This parking outside is convenient, but poses a problem: the beer can't leave the tasting room, so how does one get food without arousing the ire of Placentia's finest?

They delivered the food inside, that's how. A runner was going more or less continually from the truck to the tasting room, matching food with names. If you happened to catch the runner, you could place an order without ever having to leave the comfort of your Rugbrød or White Oak.

"Wait," you say, "that sounds a lot like a restaurant."

Yes, exactly--and it worked. In the short hour or so I was there, I saw more food coming into that room than in the previous five visits put together. Piaggio on Wheels got the food out quickly, they brought the food to the people, and consequently did a land-office business.

Very, very smart move, Piaggistas. I'd have ordered some myself if I hadn't just come from stuffing myself to the gillslits with mole de olla and tortillas hechas a mano. Other trucks should follow your example, where possible.


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