Food Fighters, A New Competitive Cooking Series With Adam Richman, Greenlit By NBC

For those who don't have basic cable to watch the umpteenth season of Top Chef but are already tired of The Taste on ABC, or have been irked by Gordon Ramsay's abrasiveness on his FOX shows, now there is Food Fighters, which has just been greenlit by NBC.

Yes, it's another food competition show. Hosted by Man V. Food's Adam Richman, contestants will compete with professional chefs cooking one signature dish.

Here's how NBC alternative and late-night programming president Paul Telegdy describes it: 

"Food Fighters combines compelling competition and game-show fun with a delicious twist -- giving everyday home cooks a once-in-a-lifetime chance to compete with world-class chefs. Every true home cook has at least one 'signature dish' -- the peach cobbler, the lasagna, that appetizer that friends beg you to bring to parties. This is a show that puts those recipes to the ultimate test and rewards the passion Americans bring to their home kitchens every day."

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