Flurries Shaved Snow Opening in Cypress

Flurries Shaved Snow Opening in Cypress

Fortunately, Southern California seasons consist of 'cold' and 'not-so-cold'. So we welcome the presence of any and all dessert shoppes that come our way. Headed home from a jolly St. Pat's feast, we spotted another one in the works in Cypress.

Joining the likes of Balcony in Diamond Jamboree and Class 302 by UCI, Flurries Shaved Snow Bar plans to be legendary in its own respect, offering the sweet delicacy in both milky and lactose-free options.

Assuming the comments of one employee ring true, we should expect our sweetness to launch right around the beginning of April....or they could be punking us with a well-timed prank. Either way, there's another reason to end up in a plaza strip mall that already houses my preferred Hawaiian chain. Their mission statement reads that "Our goal is to creatively delight your senses in a comfortable setting that fosters community and care." We expect decent parking and taking AmEx is enough for most of us.

Also under their basic info, it states their general manager is El Jefe. Are you holding out on us? I want a discount.

Flurries Shaved Snow Bar, 5950 Corporate Ave., Ste. 200, Cypress, (714) 826-2848; www.FlurriesShavedSnowBar.com.

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