Floral Park Cafe, New Bistro, to Open in Downtown Santa Ana

SO...remember how I wrote about the above space in downtown SanTana, and that the rumor was it was going to be a bistro of sorts? The cat is out of the bag--sort of. The name of the restaurant will be Floral Park Cafe, and all that they'll say right now is that it'll be a "new American bistro."

Its website and Facebook pages are currently empty, and a search of LLC filings obtained by the Weekly reveal only that the owners used Legalzoom.com to register their business--hooray for the Internet. Oh, and the phone number currently attached to them is an area code 917--and the name now makes sense, as Floral Park is a village on Long Island in addition to the insufferable SanTana neighborhood. Oh, no: is SanTana going to turn into the next Williamsburg? Floral Park Cafe folks: just make great food, and all is forgiven...

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