Flippin' Good Fun For Father's Day

I'm not normally one to plug Whole Foods--love their grub, but it's way overpriced, to the extent that they once charged me 90 bucks for a chicken. Accidentally, admittedly, but the fact that I didn't realize until I got home is pretty telling.

But this upcoming event at the District at Tustin Legacy location not only involves pancakes, it's also for a good cause.

Flippin' Good Fun For Father's Day

From 10:00am to noon on Saturday, June 20 (the day before Father's Day), Dan Byers of Daddy Cakes will be cooking and serving pancakes for dads and their families. As well as the 'cakes there will be eggs, sausage and bacon, coffee, milk and juices and a "pancake topping bar" (exciting!!)

The cost for the brunch is $5 for all non-dad guests, and all proceeds go to a local food bank. Reservations are required: call (714) 566-7650.

The Newport Beach-based company, founded by Byers and his brother Levi Silva just two years ago, has already built up a huge legions of fans. It's not the first pancake company to focus on family values, but it does have a USP when it comes to superior ingredients (real fruit, whole grains and organic flour).

Plus which, it has a refreshingly simple marketing slogan--"Our Batter Is Better"--and a cartoon. And not every company can say that.


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