Fleming's 5 for 6 'til 7 Bar Menu Now Includes Prime Burger

The 'five' refers to five cocktails, five wines by the glass and five appetizers (now six, with the burger, but who's counting?). They each cost six bucks and are served at Fleming's bar until 7 p.m.

I've tried a few of the featured appetizers, and my two favorite choices are at opposite spectrums of the calorific spectrum. If you're watching your weight, I'd suggest the seared ahi tuna with spicy mustard sauce. The delicately sliced fish is good quality, and the mustard provides just enough punch. But if you're not, bring on the burger, and diet be damned! From the buttered, toasted brioche bun to the pepper bacon and the melted cheddar, it's decadent and rich. And that's before you get to the thick, juicy patty itself. Oh, and don't forget the two huge onion rings with dipping sauce on the side. It's a real steal for the price.

After all, just because you're at Fashion Island, doesn't mean you have the budget of a Real Housewife.


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