Five (Supposedly) Haunted Orange County Eateries

Currently owned by a CNN Top 10 Hero, built in 1909, has mysterious blue lights and chandeliers that spin for no reason.
Currently owned by a CNN Top 10 Hero, built in 1909, has mysterious blue lights and chandeliers that spin for no reason.

Sometimes they're friendly ghosts and sometimes they're not-so-friendly ghosts, but these five Orange County food spots (which includes one supermarket) all have at least two things in common: Ghostly happenings and tasty eats.

Check out five (reportedly, supposedly, allegedly, ostensibly, purportedly. . .) haunted Orange County eateries after the jump.

Brea's Best, Brea

Five (Supposedly) Haunted Orange County Eateries
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Freezer doors swinging open, frozen foods getting launched out of the kitchen in the wee hours of the night, loud laughter and strange shadows. . . the burgers here really are the best, though.

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Albertson's, Fullerton
Ralph's, Santa Ana

Albertson's: It has been reported that sometimes, when no one is inside, cans of food will fly off the shelves, leaving a huge mess for the workers to clean up the next morning. (Amanda Parsons)

Ralph's: According to, this Ralph's location houses a boiler room where "you can see large men floating around" (!!!). The employee break room is also said to be very active.

Five (Supposedly) Haunted Orange County Eateries

The Cellar, Fullerton

Last year, Jessica Ford checked out the Cellar in Fullerton, where there are talks of "a male presence sensed in the female restroom" and reports of arms and hands coming out of walls. During a ghostly tour of the historic restaurant, Ford reported:

My friend and I volunteered to be the guinea pigs for the men's restroom. We stood inside in the dark for a few minutes without anything happening. Suddenly we heard a whoosh, like someone took a deep breath and blew the air out in front of us. I felt the ice-cold air brush across my left cheek. We both screamed, cursed and got the hell out of the restroom. We were holding Erik's digital recorder at the time, so my shrieks of terror should be echoing across the Internet sometime real soon. It was in that moment that I became a believe that The Cellar is indeed haunted.

Rutabegorz Restaurant, Orange

Five (Supposedly) Haunted Orange County Eateries
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Other than their awesome pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and giant salads, Rutabegorz apparently also plays host to a couple of ghostly residents. According to Haunted Orange, a young female child and male child both call the restaurant home--in addition to the original owners. Prior to becoming Rutabegorz, the spot was Tony's Mexican Restaurant and then the Golden Maize, a South American eatery.

The current owners tell Haunted Orange that they've "had so many unexplained events take place over the years" that they can't even narrow down their stories. On the day of Rutabegorz's grand opening, objects fell off walls, the Coca-Cola machine "blew up," the cash register refused to open, doors stayed shut and more. Haunted OC says that both the living and not-so-living have since learned to co-exist, and that the spirits are never malevolent.

Anaheim White House, Anaheim

Five (Supposedly) Haunted Orange County Eateries

Housed inside a home built in 1909, the Anaheim White House Restaurant is said to to be haunted by several young children and the apparition of a woman. Sometimes the voices of children can be heard in the hallways of the long-time Orange County favorite.

Many believe the daughter belonging to a former resident was killed by a car in front of the house--she later died of her injuries upstairs in the home. Chandeliers have swung and spun inexplicably, footsteps are heard, strange noises that indicate that the ghostly residents enjoy the Blue Room and hallway the most.

Current owner Bruno Serato himself has even witnessed the haunts--including a blue light glowing from one of the upstairs rooms.

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