Five Places at Disneyland Resort to Get Your Booze On

...And a bottle of rum.
...And a bottle of rum.

So between the $368 it takes just to get your family of four in the park and the screaming kids, teenagers awkwardly making out on rides and the $3 churros, sometimes--just sometimes--one just needs to relax while at Disneyland Resort. And sometimes? Sometimes it involves booze.

Disney isn't as adult-unfriendly as one might think. Here's a list of five places to grab a (surprisingly reasonably priced for Disney) drink while wandering Disneyland Resort--all most certainly safer than smuggling some vodka in a SIGG bottle.

Oh, we're onto you.

1) The Cove Bar at Ariel's Grotto, Disney's California Adventure

Little did you know, that Little Mermaid-themed, character meet-and-greet type restaurant overlooking the pretty-only-at-night Paradise Pier has a fully stocked bar--that's right. Full. Bar. Though service can be a bit slow at times (remember, it can get pretty crowded) the Cove Bar also offers an array of appetizer/bar food type dishes, including some delish crab cakes--which is kinda weird when you think about it, wasn't Ariel's Jamaican BFF a crab?

2) Karl Strauss Beer Truck, Pacific Wharf, California Adventure

You read that right: Beer truck. Though there's also a margarita stand a few steps away (read: DO NOT LIKE, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200), this perma-parked royal blue truck hawks pretzels (try the cream cheese pretzel, seriously), popcorn and draft beer by Karl Strauss. Sure the prices aren't as low as, say, running to the liquor store down Harbor for some PBR, but remember it's Disney and they're actually not gouging you (too much) with inflated prices just 'cause they can.

3) Uva Bar, Downtown Disney

Five Places at Disneyland Resort to Get Your Booze On

While the food at the adjacent Catal Restaurant is just okay, Uva Bar provides a nice little getaway from the crazy DISNEYNESS of the parks or even before taking in a show at the House of Blues down the way. The outdoor bar offers an array of strong drinks, bar food (sweet potato fries!) and best of all: Is a waaaay better alternative than ESPN Zone.

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