Five Great Taco Trucks Not Mentioned in This Week's Cover Story on Taco Trucks

Read my cover story this week on a part of Orange County's taco truck industry, then read this week's This Hole-in-the-Wall Life on the Mendez vs. Westminster of O.C. loncheras. Done? Here's five more I didn't mention, in no particular order:

*Tacos El Chavito: Home of the two-tacos-for-a-buck-and-free-pineapple-juice-until-it's-gone miracle. And the tacos, though small, are actually great! On Morgan Street, between Speer and Slater, Huntington Beach.

*Tortas Ahogadas: Where many a gabacho gets their introduction to the torta ahogada, the Guadalajaran specialtiy involving a hard bolillo, white onions, bean paste and salsa splashed across the meal, a red so vibrant it looks like the fake blood used in 1970 Mexican narcopelícula films. On the corner of Fourth and Mortimer sts., SanTana.

*El Rincón del Sabor: One of the better restaurant names in la naranja ("Flavor's Corner), and preparers of one of the better alambres outside Mexico City. What's an alambre? Read this week's review! On the corner of Mortimer Street and Santa Ana Boulevard, SanTana.

*Tacos y Mulitas Ruben & Ruben's Mariscos: A two-fer. Señor Ruben operates two great taco trucks; one specializes in, well, tacos and mulitas; the other makes the best fried-shrimp tacos outside of Los Cotijas in Garden Grove. Tacos y Mulitas Ruben, on the corner of Cypress and Walnut streets; Ruben's Mariscos, on the corner of Bishop and Main streets. Both in--where else?--SanTana


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