Five Great OC Restaurants I'll Miss

After nine months of eating my way through the county, I'm off to pastures new: LA, to be precise. Not exactly the other side of the world, then, but too far to continue contributing to this blog.

Granted, I'll be close to the likes of Mozza (yes!), Cecconi's (overrated? I'll find out) and the super-new Philippe Chow (there is a god!), but there are some OC places I'll still hanker for, and I'll still make the drive back down for. Namely:

Pizzeria Ortica. Wonderful pizzas, fantastic pies and a chocolate budino to die for. And so close to where I live now (sob, sob).


. At once laid-back and sleek, this gorgeous beachside dining room does killer cocktails and superb Med dishes.

Marché Moderne. Truly proper French food in a suitably moody setting (you'd never know you were in a mall). And those desserts!

Melting Pot (Brea's the best one). I know, I know. Hardly haute cuisine. Last time I went, they were rushed off their feet and had run out of Chimay (a CRIME!). But this is an addiction I'm never giving up.

Gypsy Den (Santa Ana). Is this a restaurant? No, not really. It does serve hot grub, but I go for the decent joe, superb cakes and eclectic décor. Not to mention the wacky open mike and poetry nights.

If anyone wants to reach me, I'm at that place they call Hotmail. In the meantime, keep reading, eating and posting comments (both sane and crazy!)



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