Five Great Local Restaurants To Help You Outsource Thanksgiving

They do turkey right!
They do turkey right!
Clay Oven FB page

Whether you're a guest or cook, everyone shares some sort of frustration on Turkey Day. Cooking deadlines, family arguments disagreements and whatever else ails you make the holiday about as fun as standing in line at the DMV without an appointment. So take back some control! We're not proposing that you go out to eat, but having someone else make the mess in their own kitchen. Try one of these suggestions on for size (Note: Many of these have deadlines, so hurry up!).

1. Smoqued BBQ

Five Great Local Restaurants To Help You Outsource Thanksgiving
Photo by Amanda DeFrancis

Meaty goodness rules the menu at Smoqued, so why not take some home? Chef Robert Setina has a 13-pound turkey for $56, and an even bigger ham for $75. We noticed a fancy chambord cranberry sauce and Grandma's stuffing with bacon and water chestnuts. The deadline to place an order is TODAY, so use your phone for more than Instagram and call them at (714) 633-7427.

2. Provisions Market

Five Great Local Restaurants To Help You Outsource Thanksgiving
Provisions Market FB page

Wanting more of a complete plate? The gang across the street has got you covered. For $30, you can select a protein, side and pie for dinner. Having to decide between prime rib and duck is the kind of dilemma we want to have. In addition to taters three ways, consider some Haven-style mac and cheese or Brussels sprouts. Like their smoky neighbors, ordering closes today, so submit requests to

  3. Lucca Cafe

Five Great Local Restaurants To Help You Outsource Thanksgiving
Lucca Cafe FB page

Dang. Chef Cathy is cooking up a storm off 405 and Sand Canyon. For a party of 10, they will create your feast from start to finish for $325. Look forward to a free-range gobbler, stuffing, gravy, chutney, fire-in-the-sky yams with candied walnuts, green beans, salad with dressing, rolls and pumpkin pie cheesecake. All that's missing is the mulled cider and Pepto. Yes, their deadline is the same. Call (949) 725-1773.

4. Savory Spice Shop

Five Great Local Restaurants To Help You Outsource Thanksgiving
Photo courtesy Savory Spice Shop

For something more DIY than to-go, brining your own bird can impart some juicy flavor in your feast. The shops located in Corona del Mar and The OC Mix suggest a two-step process for greatness. It starts with one tablespoon of their Citrus & Savory brining spices (a combination of coriander, garlic, lemon, pepper, allspice berries, orange, thyme, and Turkish bay leaves) for every cup of salt used. After the brine, rub the skin with Park Hill Maple & Spice Pepper prior to cooking.

5. Pizzeria Ortica

Five Great Local Restaurants To Help You Outsource Thanksgiving
Pizzeria Ortica FB

Let's not forget the power of dessert. Before the tryptophan kicks in, get your sweet fix from our friends near the mall. Their budino jars ($6 each; 16 for $100) are irresistible, but we suspect there are more cannoli lovers out there. So for $25 order six, or $50 for a dozen. The best part? No deadlines . . .yet. All they ask at Ortica is a day's notice to prep your order. Of the flavors offered, we want to taste the apple pie with a cinnamon brown sugar crumble. Oh, yeah.

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