Five Great Local Foodie Twitter Accounts Worth Following*

*Aside from our own @OCWeeklyFood, of course.

Yes, there are millions (presumably) of food-related Twitterers/Tweeters out there, but most of them are either a) gibberish (check out Jamie Oliver's semi-literate ramblings @jamie_oliver) and/or b) updated about once a year.

Here's our pick of some local ones you should have on your radar.

The Counter (@CounterBurger)
Bio: "Custom Built Tweets from The Home Office"
Followers: 4,518

There's only a limited number of freebies and offers on this page, granted, but who cares when you're treated to such mouthwatering descriptions as "1/3 Veggie, Swiss, Cranberries, Jalapeños, Roasted Corn & B Bean Salsa, Avocado on an Eng Muffin w/ Garlic Aioli." Whoever does the Tweets clearly loves their greasy grub.

Sprinkles (@sprinkles)
Bio: "Official Twitter of Sprinkles Cupcakes, The Original Cupcake Bakery"
Followers: 13,859

Great for complimentary 'cakes, normally in the form of "The first 25 people to whisper 'surprise' at each Sprinkles today receive a free surprise cupcake flavor!" So you have act quickly!

Whole Foods (@WholeFoods)
Bio: "Fresh organic tweets from Whole Foods Market HQ in Austin, TX"
Followers: 1,482,358

Yes, it's Whole Foods, but if you set your account to follow your local branch (eg WFMJamboree in Tustin) you get info on instore savings, classes and tastings. Just this week at that location there's a lecture on boosting your child's immunity (Wed) and a "Healthy Dogs" seminar (Thur); both events are free.

Zagat (@ZagatBuzz
Bio: "Buzzing about food, nightlife and everything else we love at Zagat!"
Followers: 16,068

OK, this one's not entirely OC-related, but it nonetheless makes interesting reading. Watch for thought-provoking headlines such as "Jewish Delis are Dwindling, Traditions and All" (from the New York Times) and lists like "The 15 best college meal plans in the country" (The Daily Beast).

Jackbox (@jackbox)
Bio: "Ruler of the Fast Food World"
Followers: 14,922

From what I can tell, there are no offers, but you are treated to such gems as "Jack just met a dog named Fetch and is totally confused" and "Jack is scared to tell his wife that she tells old wives tales." As bonkers as the commercials.

Have we missed any good'uns? Let us know...


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