Five Great Eats at Coachella 2012

Five Great Eats at Coachella 2012

The second installment of Coachella 2012 kicks off today in Indio. I just got back from enjoying Weekend 1 in the desert and between great performances by At the Drive-In and Tupac's hologram, I managed to get a little food blogging done.

It's always smart to fill up before you get to the festival, but eventually you'll have to eat at Empire Polo Field. The quality of food and variety of choices has always been better here than at most concerts, and it improves consistently year after year.

If you're headed out for the first time this weekend, or back for more, here are five great eats you shouldn't miss at Coachella 2012.

1. Spicy Pie
Five Great Eats at Coachella 2012

Simply put, Spicy Pie is the most legit foodstuffs at Coachella. Had too much to drink in the beer garden? Spicy Pie will soak it up! Got the munchees? Spicy Pie, FTW! Cheaper than most other meals at the festival ($7), and larger than most too, these slices go fast so they're usually fresh out of the oven.

2. Garlic crab fries

Five Great Eats at Coachella 2012

Tons of vendors sell garlic fries with their chicken strip and burger combos, but no garlic fry is finer than the ones sold at the "Garlic Crab Fries" stand. Like the crunchy potato sticks at the now-defunct Valhalla Table in Costa Mesa, only these are far sexier because they're smothered with garlic aoili and a small mound of crab. I always think seafood from a tent in the desert will kill me, but it doesn't. And every year, I go back for more.

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