Five Food Moments In Charlie Sheen Films

Sheen likes chocolate milk? There's at least one sane thing about him...
Sheen likes chocolate milk? There's at least one sane thing about him...

Since the rest of the world is covering everything Charlie Sheen right now at the expense of rising gas prices, the Arab revolution and the beginning of spring training, why don't we jump into the mix? I never saw Three and a Half Men, but I have always enjoyed Sheen's movies, more than a few of which have his characters in proximate position to food.
1. Wall Street

Sheen played Bud Fox in Oliver Stone's 1987 sleazy masterpiece, and the director always made it a point to try to put the aspirational Fox in awkward social positions. None was better illustrated than when Fox scores a lunch with slimy Gordon Gekko, who urges Fox to order the steak tartare. "Try the steak tartare," Gekko says. "It's off the menu, but Louis'll make it for you." Fox is left with this upper-class abomination--but also a check for mucho moolah.

2. The Three Musketeers

Five Food Moments In Charlie Sheen Films

In this adaptation, Sheen plays Aramis. In one scene, Aramis and Porthos sneak into the carriage of Cardinal Richelieu, much to His Eminence's horror. They come across a basket filled with fine food--and a box of jewelry and coins. Aramis takes it--and orders d'Artagnan to distribute it to the masses, reasoning, "The people are hungry." Even then, Sheen was generous to lowlifes.

3. Platoon

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All-time classic scene: Young Private Chris Taylor crashes a party at which pot is going around to the tune of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles' "The Track of My Tears." Taylor takes it, thereby placing him with the fun-loving Heads instead of the evil Juicers (as personified by Tom Berenger)

4. Men At Work

God, I haven't seen this film (in which Sheen stars with the brother that kept the family's Hispanic surname, Emilio Estevez) in years, but I do remember a scene involving Sheen's character with a pizza-delivery man. Can't remember if he ate it, though. . . . Wait, there's a burger-and-beers scene in this trailer!

5. Scary Movie 3

Okay, this one is a stretch--but this whole article is a stretch, for that matter. Sheen played farmer Tom Logan, and farmers make food and . . .



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