Five Awful Office Food Smells

Please, please, no more cod, sauerkraut and marinara sauce casserole!
Please, please, no more cod, sauerkraut and marinara sauce casserole!
8182757@N05 @ CC BY 2.0

All right, look. Nobody likes the person who whines about the smells in the office all the time, and it's a free country, and you can eat what you want in your office...

...but that doesn't preclude your officemates from bad-mouthing you behind your back. Certain foods are just best enjoyed at home. Presented for your edification are five of the worst office smells. If you're one of the considerate majority, sit back, chuckle grimly and sympathize; if this is news for you, learn from it and change your anti-social ways.

1. Popcorn

Some people really like popcorn, some can't stand it and some, when the scent of Orville Redenbacher hits their olfactory nerve, have an almost Pavlovian response to it and can't focus on their work because their brains are at Pop-con Four and refuse to function until the "emergency popcorn interrupt" has been dealt with.

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The other problem is the titans of industry who put the popcorn in the microwave and can't wait the two minutes and forty-five seconds (THAT'S ALL IT TAKES!) for their popcorn to pop. They wander away to go back to work or they start chatting with someone and the next thing you know, the popcorn has gone too far and there's an expanding mushroom cloud of burnt-popcorn smell centered on the office kitchen.

It's an interesting phenomenon that the only common office food stench that cannot be overcome by bags of freshly-ground coffee is burnt popcorn.

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