First Wendy's in Russia Skanks Up Chain's Iconic Mascot

If we think of all the mascots in the fast-food hamburger chain galaxy--McDonald's Ronald, Carl Jr.'s galaxy of gals, Jack, the Burger King--perhaps the most boring is Wendy's, um, Wendy. It's intentional, of course: she was modeled after the daughter of Wendy's founder Dave Thomas.

But wholesome family values, just doesn't sell anymore--especially in Russia, where devochkas ain't redhead, and definitely ain't wholesome. At least that's what the founder of the first-ever outpost of Wendy's in Russia believes, much to the mother company's consternation.

It debuted in Moscow this past Thursday,

reported the Moscow Times

, which reported, "Instead of the wholesome freckle-faced redhead in old-fashioned pantaloons, these long-legged women wore short dresses, bright red-striped stockings and stilettos."

A Wendy's executive from the United States wasn't pleased, and told the paper he "would probably have to deal with a flood of phone calls" from pious company execs.

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The reaction by Alexander Kovaler, the CEO for the Moscow franchisee who decided on the gals? "It's our upgrade," to appeal to a younger demographic.

Besides, much more obscene is Kovaler's expected average bill per customer: $9. For Wendy's....

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