First Indians, Now Mexicans: The Latest Offensive Popchips Campaign

Popchips has apparently learned nothing from its marketing debacle of early May, when the potato chip company decided to put Ashton Kutcher in brownface and have him play a ridiculous Indian caricature named Raj in an ad campaign

The commercial was in poor taste, and not at all funny, and after comedian blogger and entrepreneur Anil Dash penned a thoughtful piece criticizing the ad, Popchips issued an apology "to anyone we offended." 

Now, hey look, they're back at it again. Colorlines reports that to promote its new tortilla chips, Popchips sent out a team of white promoters wearing sombreros, serapes and exaggerated mustaches onto the streets of New York City to hand out samples as a mariachi band played. See photos here. (One of the promoters was Dave Herman, who has made it his project to work 100 paid jobs in 2012.) The move was just as cringe-inducing as its previous one, but this time, there's no super-celebrity to attack this time, so we doubt it'll get as much attention. 
What ethnic group will Popchips offend next? We really don't want to know.  

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