Fast Food Review: Quizno's Prime Rib Ranchero

My darling poblano pepper, Please forgive me for ignoring you all these many years. I'd heard your name spoken, but I'm afraid it meant little to me. We white boys can sometimes fear the spiciness of the unknown...even when I moved to Santa Ana, and saw you in my grocery store for the first time, I was intimidated. Major hotties can do that to a guy.

But now, I am officially in love. And I would be glad to devour you and your six inches of hot meat on a regular basis.

Too bad that in this format, you're only available for a limited time. Spicy talk aside, folks, this is a goddamn good sandwich. If you've already had Quizno's Prime Rib in its peppercorn and cheesesteak varieties, you have an idea what you're getting. But it's the poblanos that kick this one to a new level. Unlike jalapenos, these things have a quick burn. If you bite one and find it too hot for your tastes, no need to guzzle down water -- the heat fades quickly and allows you to proceed with a new bite, though the pepper jack cheese and chipotle sauce keep some tangy smokiness going as a constant undertone.

Subway, you got pwned. Togo's...well, you just totally suck and should give it up now.

Readers -- sorry I didn't get this up yesterday as promised. Time slipped away from me.


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