Farrell's to Host Ice-Cream Eating Challenge as Charity Event Next Month

Farrell's to Host Ice-Cream Eating Challenge as Charity Event Next Month

Oh, Farrell's! Massive, glorious, gluttonous, grandiose Farrell'!. Its take on ice-cream culture is to add as many scoops as possible, then add a bucket of more and an oil drum of butterscotch and chocolate--and that's the kid's size. So it only makes sense that to give back to the community, Farrell's would host an ice-cream eating contest as a fundraiser.
The kickoff event starts June 20, and qualifying for the grand finale (happening on July 17 and called--and what a great name; we're NOT being sarcastic--Farrell's 2nd Annual Splendiferously Superiffic Summer Spectacular Ice Cream Eating Challenge) will occur daily between June 20 and July 10. According to the PR people:

Anyone can come into the Farrell's in Mission Viejo or Santa Clarita and for $20 they will receive a 2-scoop sundae to eat as fast as they can, a t-shirt and a $5 coupon for a return visit to Farrell's. 100% of the net proceeds from the $20 will go to our two charities.

From all the qualifying times the fastest 8 in each category will be invited back to race against each other at the Championship event on Sunday, July 17 in Mission Viejo.

The only reason we even report this--besides the gluttony of it all--is that one of the charities involved are among our favorites--Children's Hospital of Orange County, whose former Anaheim thrift store guaranteed me new school clothes for most of my childhood. Gentlemen: start stretching out your stomach...

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