Fabio (Yes, That Fabio) At The Tustin Whole Foods on Saturday

No, it's not the Fabio from Season 5 of Top Chef (although I would've thought he'd be the first Fabio we mention on this food blog, not the other one). Yes, it's that Fabio. The OG Fabio. The one who just goes by Fabio. He of the golden locks, rippling biceps and square jaw.

Yes, that Fabio will be at the Whole Foods in Tustin at The District this Saturday, March 24th from noon to 7 p.m. to hawk his Healthy Planet Whey Protein Powder (what, you thought he was still on the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" payroll?). 

He'll be signing the jars with autographs, and posing for pictures so that you can prove to your friends that you met that Fabio and more importantly, that he actually has his own food product to sell.

Apparently he's been making the rounds at other Whole Foods since his powder launched in January. The 53-year-old romance novel model was last sighted at the Huntington Beach store a few weeks ago. Well, Tustin, now it's your turn to bask in the radiance that is FABIO...be still your beating heart.

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