Evan with some random weirdo...
Evan with some random weirdo...
Photo by Christopher Victorio

Evan Kleiman Releases "Easy As Pie" App for iPhone, iPad

At last week's KCRW-SaFII Happy Hour at Memphis, Good Food host Evan Kleiman gave everyone an exclusive announcement: she was about to release her own app for the iPhone/iPad universe.

Called "Easy as Pie," the app would feature videos and recipes on how to make--you guessed it!--pie.

You can read the details here. Among the recipes are Sour Cream Plum, apple cranberry crumble, and--whoa--S'more pie. Even if you're not a pie person--and if you're not, what the hell is wrong with you?--you should still fork over the $4.99, as Kleiman has long supported the Weekly, giving us too many plugs to remember and allowing Shuji and I (and sometimes-Forker Eddie Lin) to appear on her show time and time again. Go to the iStore or wherever you buy apps.

Best reason to buy it? Evan has a recipe for her Cherry Tomato pie, which is God in a crust.

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