Esquire Names The California Burrito at Alejandro's One Of The Best Late-Night Foods In The U.S.A.

Speaking of California burritos, Esquire has assembled a list of the Best Late-Night Food In The U.S.A. and the ginormous wrap from Alejandro's has made the cut. While it may not be OC's greatest California burrito from a culinary standpoint, the 24-hour Costa Mesa joint has been a longtime staple for college kids and famished bar-hoppers, so its inclusion makes happy. And hungry.   

The California Burrito at Alejandro's
Costa Mesa, California

One of a mishmash of o's -- Alerto's, Alejandro's, Alberto's, Rolando's -- colloquially referred to as "yellow-sign Mexican" because they all have the same backlit yellow plastic signs signaling twenty-four hours of grease and hot sauce. It's a hole. It's a stop on the way to the beach, or back from the beach. It's where you can find a wrap that pushes a pound, filled not just with carne asada but also that which defines West Coast fast-food: french fries. It's not just where the freeway ends and the Pacific Coast Highway leads into the boardwalk but also where crinkle fries become, truly become, part of the Mexican tradition. 24/7; 801 West Nineteenth Street;949-631-2561

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