Long may the lonchera reign...
Long may the lonchera reign...

Ernesto Hernandez, Chapman University Law Professor, to Appear on Panel at National Street Food Conference

This weekend marks the spot of the San Francisco Street Food Festival, a monstrous gathering of food, talk, more food and more talk. I don't really pay much attention to outside-OC events that don't involve me, but Chapman University Law School professor Ernesto Hernandez wrote to me to share he'll be there on a panel called "The Life and Death of the Great American Food Truck."

Now, what the hell is a Chapman professor doing in Baghdad by the Bay pontificating about loncheras instead of Bruxie? Explanation after the jump!

Hernandez, of course, is one of the nation's premier taco-truck analysts, whose work has appeared in the Orange County Register and Good Food with Evan Kleiman. I met him at the happy hour we co-hosted with Evan at the Crosby earlier this year, but was only able to talk to him for like a minute before the hordes overwhelmed us asking where's Edwin. He said his participation would be "less scholarly and more cook and activist." AWESOME--good luck, profe, and fill us in on how it goes!

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