The scene in SanTana...
The scene in SanTana...

Ernesto Hernandez, Chapman U Law Professor, On LA's Great Taco Truck War of 2008-2010

We've written before about Ernesto Hernandez, professor of law at Chapman University before, as he's a scholar on the legal wars against taco trucks in Southern California. He lectured on the subject last month in a symposium at Chapman University, whose video the profe just forwarded to me today. Can't be a lazy Mexican on this!
Chapman, for all its phenomenal technological growth since I graduated a decade ago, strangely didn't embed the clip, so you'll have to click here to hear Hernandez speak for about half an hour about Los Angeles' effort to ban taco trucks in 2008. He does a great job of contextualizing loncheras in America's greater war against street food and in the nation's eternal gentrification wars--did you know, for instance, that the first oppressed street vendors weren't Mexis or even the Irish, but the Dutch i New York back in the 18th century? The video is a bit spotty, but well worth a listen--and he even gives a shoutout to the Weekly's designation of "gourmet" food trucks as luxe loncheras (but what about clustertruck?). Gracias, profe, and keep up the great work!

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