El Patron Margarita at Yucatan Grill

El Patron Margarita at Yucatan Grill

Yucatan Grill in Seal Beach is my go-to spot for tasty margaritas. This Caribbean-Mexican restaurant always makes their margaritas stiff (you have to get your money's worth in this recession!) and offers a variety of choices from a Suprema Yucatan (equivalent to a Cadillac Margarita) to a Pomerita, but the best has to be the El Patron (made with, you guessed it, Patron). It's so good that it even won the Best Margarita award in our 2007 "Best Of OC" issue.

In addition to good drinks and food, the service at Yucatan has to be acknowledged. It's owned by a sweet couple that are happy to explain how they make each and every drink on their cantina menu.

Besides being made with two shots of Patron Silver, the El Patron margarita is mixed with Cointreau as well as fresh lemon, lime and orange juice.

It's exactly how you would imagine, a fruitier tasting margarita that's sweet and refreshing. The only slight downfall is the steep price of $10.95, but considering that one will do the job, it's worth it.

And if you're looking to have a drink while sticking to your diet, try the Skinny Margarita. It's only 200 calories instead of the 400 for most other margaritas at Yucatan.


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