Photo of Eibar's namesake town...
Photo of Eibar's namesake town...
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Eibar Coffee in Santa Ana Finally Open

Okay, I'm late to this story, but still beat the Orange County Register and those crazy Yelp kids, so the scoop: downtown SanTana now has another coffee shop to give the venerable Gypsy Den a challenge in the name of Eibar Coffee.

It's been open for a couple of weeks, but I've yet to visit given I don't drink coffee. According to

this SanTana press release

from a couple months back, Eibar is differentiating itself from the Gypsy Den and Starbucks by roasting its own beans, which it gets from San Francisco-based importers, and owner Matt Diaz wants to host events there and already has and will: there was a college-application workshop last weekend, and some sort of record-swapping deal Nov. 21 (the Facebook flier listed no time). Maybe one of you caffeine fiends can go report for the other caffeine fiends--as for me, I'll visit when I return from my research...

Only mystery for me right now about the place? Why name yourself after a Basque city?

Eibar Coffee, 320 French St., SanTana, (714) 794-2083. Listed hours at this point only Monday from 7 a.m.-2 p.m.


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