Edwin's Top Ten Dishes of 2008

After seeing Gustavo's two wonderful lists, I've decided that I want to play, too!

Here are ten of my favorite dishes of 2008, in no particular order:

- Tuna danish at 85°C Bakery Café in Irvine. 
- Rice and beans at Baja Fish Tacos in Santa Ana. 
- Tau hu ky at Com Tam Tran Quy Cap in Fountain Valley. 
- Sisig at Magic Wok in Artesia (I know, not in O.C., but this is MY list). 
- Both flavors of fried chicken wings at Kyochon in Stanton. 
- Ci tuan fan at Champion Food Co. in Fountain Valley. 
- Strawberry croissant at Japonaise Bakery and Cafe in Tustin. 
- Everything at the Hidden Kitchen in Costa Mesa. 
- "House Special" lobster at King Lobster Palace in Orange. 
- 7-courses of beef at Thien An in Garden Grove.


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