Edwin and Gustavo Win First Place in OC Press Club Awards Food Category!

I'm proud to announce that Edwin and I won first place last night in the food feature category at the Orange County Press Club Awards! Beat out all other local publications for our food issue last year, "Brother, Can You Spare a Taco?" Judges said something about our sass and food knowledge, although I'd like to think I'm the Lewis and he's the Martin of that food issue. And you ain't seen nothing yet: next week is the latest Weekly food issue, and Lesley's in the mix, as well!

One question people asked last night: is Edwin real? People have insisted over the years that Edwin Goei is my pseudonym, that there's no way a mere blogger could've risen from obscurity to being the chief, AWARD-WINNING (yay, Edwin!) food critic for a major O.C. newspaper. Sorry, folks: Edwin is real, and I have video proof. This is Edwin in his writing den...


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