Eddie Lin to Sign Copies of His Book March 6 in Santa Ana!

Eddie Lin needs little introduction to local foodies--he's the food blogger's food blogger, the man who celebrates the so-called bizarre foods of the world with wit, knowledge, and a cast-iron stomach. His Deep End Dining blog has garnered him appearances on CSI, Bizarre Foods, and some other shows I can't remember right now. Best of all? The chinito loco is a Fullerton native--couple this with the fact that the Kogi guy went to Villa Park High, and we ask you, why must Los Angeles consistently rip off our food geniuses?

Lin came out with a book last October: Extreme Cuisine, published by Lonely Planet. And since no OC bookstore, library, or university invited our hometown hero back, I've done it: I, Edwin, and probably Dave will host Lin at the Annex in SanTana on Saturday, March 6! Lin will talk about his beautiful self, sell and sign copies of Extreme Cuisine, and will eat anything you place before him, up to and including batteries. Free chapulines and balut on me, and I'll try to get a taco truck out there for those who don't like chomping on dried grasshoppers or duck fetus. For more info, call the Annex at (714) 836-8727, visit them at 2204 N. Main St., or email me. And look for a Lin interview soon...

In the meanwhile, here's a link to a recent Lin segment on KABC-TV Channel 7. Even more hilarious, though, is the teaser:

Eat Anything! from Eddie Lin on Vimeo.


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