Eat This Now: Vegan Pumpkin Donuts at The Donuttery
Hope Lee

Eat This Now: Vegan Pumpkin Donuts at The Donuttery

You don't hear the term "vegan doughnut" every day. And, if you do, usually it's something like, "Man, I wish I could find a vegan doughnut." The fact that The Donuttery serves an array of these dairy-free treats is enough for herbivores to hold a parade down Beach Boulevard, but you'll want to bypass the lemon, maple, red and any flavor with coconut or nut toppings because the Huntington Beach eatery has three varieties of vegan pumpkin doughnuts that rule.

In theory and in your mouth, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the glazed pumpkin doughnut. For starters, it exists. This alone means the fried cake with the orange-ish hue is something special because you don't find dairy-free doughnuts every day. However, "glazed" is another word for "plain" and there's no excuse for plain when you've got other options.

The pairing of the pumpkin cake with the chocolate icing is good for chocoholics, but it's too much for those who want a more balanced flavor combination. Basically, the chocolate dominates and you don't get as much pumpkin as you'd like. Still, this is a damn good doughnut.

It's not often when vanilla beats chocolate, but in the case of The Donuttery's vegan pumpkin options, the white icing doughnut is the undisputed heavyweight champion because the combination of the vanilla and pumpkin cake is the second best pairing since Sriracha met anything. Neither flavor dominates, so you get this perfect harmony of delicious that'll make you start believing in the Great Pumpkin.

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