THAT'S amore!
THAT'S amore!
Anne Marie Panoringan

Eat This Now: The Prima From TJ's Woodfire Pizza

The last time I tried a new luxe lonchera...well, I don't actually recall the last time I ate at a new one. It took the recommendation of a trusted colleague (and one farmers market) to discover something delicious. The kicker was that it was a pizza.

Barely over two years ago, I wrote up Pieology, the first of its kind in Orange County to serve customizable, quick service pizza. The trend has grown, igniting a path for similar brands. What I tasted from TJ's Woodfire was quick serve (90 seconds per pizza), restaurant quality Neapolitan from the confines of a mobile kitchen.

Dining with friends gives us the opportunity to sample more than one item on a menu. In this instance, our trio shared three. They were all worthy of consumption, but I gravitated towards the Prima. Comprised of a garlic oil base, its toppings were some of my favorites-- chopped potatoes, chives and hits of bacon. Tim, our pizzaiolo, fried up an egg for the center of our brekkie meal. Request your crust with extra char for more depth. And if they've got some on hand, a kick of Hatch chiles.

Parked most Sundays at Irvine's Great Park farmers market, I will say that it's worth the $14.75 price tag. A pizza pie from TJ's Woodfire comfortably feeds two, with a presentation and taste that surpasses almost all other joints I've encountered. Everyone's entitled to their favorite slice of Italy, but this lonchera is legit.

Learn more about TJ's Woodfire Pizza at

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