Eat This Now: The Femme Fatale From the Sticky Pig
Photo courtesy of The Sticky Pig

Eat This Now: The Femme Fatale From the Sticky Pig

With a temporary heat wave descending upon us, what better time to discuss the coolest of treats: ice cream! Our resident bacon vixen, Tara Simon, now has a restored dessert cart in her custody. In the months leading up to the Sticky Pig's cart completion, she has been getting all mad scientist with her bacon-infused creations that capture both sweet and savory notes. Scoops of these tasty delights can be found at her brand-new location in the Old Town Tustin antique shop Buttermilk Sky.

Dark and dangerous, our preferred flavor is lovingly referred to as the Femme Fatale.

It's intense, dark-chocolate ice cream infused with fresh black peppercorns for a little spice. Flourless dark-chocolate cake studded with bacon is incorporated throughout. We normally crave less complex flavors, but after sampling both this and a salted caramel with flecks of caramel-bacon-pecan tart, we yearned for the dark side. There's also something to be said for having the owner scoop it for you.

The Femme Fatale has a layered personality. Unassuming until that first taste, her intensity will both surprise and please your palate. And the Old Town Tustin location? Let's just say Simon is on the cusp of something big. . . .

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