Eat This Now: The "Farm-acy" Superfood Salad From Champagnes Bistro And Deli
Anne Marie Panoringan

Eat This Now: The "Farm-acy" Superfood Salad From Champagnes Bistro And Deli

Eating healthy has always been a challenge for us. Unlike Lorelai Gilmore, lettuce and tomato in our burger doesn't count towards our daily requirement. Why go green when we can deal with bacon, cheese, egg and endless other ingredients satisfying our savory side? It takes a special, sometimes surprising, combination of roughage for us to stop and think, "Damn, THAT was good."

We wish we had the time to drop by our local farmers market. Though even if we did, the sheer cost of all things organic rarely justifies our desire to cook paleo, Atkins or whatever dieters are on board with. We prefer not to repeat meals more than a couple of times a week, so creativity is our downfall.
Thankfully, dining out is not only acceptable habit, it's expected in this job. And so continues our search for entrees that are both good for us and delicious.

One local deli operating off a busy MacArthur intersection provided an "a-ha" moment. Champagnes (don't confuse with the French bakery) functioned in a different space a decade ago, but circumstances bounced them into another area of the plaza. They rolled with the punches, creating an expanded bistro menu and offering table service. Pretty spiffy for a place that once specialized in sandwiches. It's during dinnertime when we're served the "Farm-acy". Packed with greens, a trio of berries and orange champagne vinaigrette, the remaining ingredients may seem like overkill. At least, that's what we thought. Grapes, apples, blue cheese, celery, and cucumber were in the same bowl. Wait, we forgot the red onion, spiced almonds and oranges!

The superfood salad had the taste, complexity and texture which satisfied our palate. Multivitamins weren't needed today, because it doesn't get healthier than this. Did we  mention that it was meatless? You can add protein--but we didn't need it. Yeah, we surprised ourselves.

Champagnes Bistro and Deli, 1260 Bison Ave., Ste. D3, Newport Beach, (949) 640-5011;

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