Eat this now, in queso: it's gone next week!
Eat this now, in queso: it's gone next week!
LP Hastings

Eat This Now: The $5 Queso Fundido Burger at Lola Gaspar

Lola Gaspar's Queso Fundido Burger will arrive at your table in nothing more than a paper food boat lined with brown parchment. There is no foliage nor pops of color. No truffle oil that costs more than the burger itself will coat the patty, and its sesame-seed bun won't make you wonder about its pedigree. But this is the Sonnet 130 of OC's burger world--and the cheese, the cheese is everything.

Not too long ago, Lola began offering a $5 burger special on Monday evenings. It changes every week, and has created a revivifying alternative to their normally pricy and small-portioned menu--sorry, guys, it's the truth.

While Lola has since started offering other $5 burgers, like their chorizo and sirloin patty topped with pepper-jack and BBQ sauce, the Queso Fundido is the original. The sesame seed bun is really soft, the beef is lean and juicy, (as long as you remember to order medium or medium rare) and the queso fundido that they make fresh everyday is ridiculously tasty. The actual blend of cheeses used to make the fundido varies, but it's usually cheddar, pepper-jack, and around four other types, blended with ground-up chorizo swirled into a spicy, almost-sauce.

Then it's slathered all over the burger and oozes out as the boat makes its way to your table. Make sure to eat it right away, before the cheese begins to solidify--but if that happens, you can always just peel and eat it right off the paper. Of course, you do run the risk of going to Lola on a Monday where they don't offer this particular burger - but fear not. They also have a dipping appetizer with the same wonderful sauce. Now the question is how I can get them to actually make me nachos with queso fundido...

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