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Shuck yeah!
Cynthia Rebolledo

Eat This Now: Oysters Rockefeller at Shuck Oyster Bar

As we move into summer, we’re craving seafood. And at Shuck Oyster Bar you can cool off by throwing back some fresh varieties on the half-shell from different bodies of water. But if brackish oysters aren’t your thing, opt for the seafood eatery’s newly expanded menu offering beer-battered shrimp sliders lightly fried until golden brown and served on a buttery bite-sized brioche bun, squid ink pasta topped with velvety sea urchin, and sweet shellfish-enriched tomato lobster bisque.

Classic and deliciousEXPAND
Classic and delicious
Cynthia Rebolledo

Classic, timeless and delicious are Shuck's Oysters Rockefeller. Chef Kristy Gunn’s throwback rendition are elaborately garnished in creamed spinach (ala Peter Luger), then delicately baked on top of a large, plump oyster the size of a hand. The flavors balance brine and cream for a rich, warm, decadent starter. Covered with crispy breadcrumbs, slurp sloooooowly.

Shuck Oyster Bar, 3313 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa, (949) 420-0478;


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