Eat This Now: "Have You Tried The Toast?" at Gypsy Den Anaheim
Dave Lieberman

Eat This Now: "Have You Tried The Toast?" at Gypsy Den Anaheim

Yes, really. Toast. We're recommending that you go to a restaurant and order... toast. Not just toast, but whole-grain toast.

Before you click over to Fast Food Maven in despair, stay with us here. This is not just any toast. It's true, most whole-grain bread tastes like it's had sawdust mixed into it, but not at the Gypsy Den in downtown Anaheim. It comes with Greek yogurt, almond butter, raspberry jam, half a banana, and dark honey with comb still inside.

I, too, blinked in disbelief the first time it was suggested to me, but by the time you finish combining toppings (yogurt and jam together, honey and banana, almond butter and banana...) you'll be sold just as I was. Now it's all I ever order for breakfast there.

Order a big cup of their coffee, and if you want a little more protein, order a boiled egg (the first time I've ever ordered pre-boiled eggs and had them come out absolutely perfectly). It's a surprisingly substantial breakfast, and you can tell people you just had coffee and toast for breakfast.

"Have You Tried the Toast?" isn't available at the Gypsy Den in Costa Mesa or downtown Santa Ana; you'll have to head to slowly gentrifying central Anaheim for your fix.

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