From my wedding anniversary dinner—BOOMEXPAND
From my wedding anniversary dinner—BOOM
Photo by The Mexican

Eat This Now: Giant Macaron at Marché Moderne

If you haven’t heard already, here you go: Marché Moderne is leaving its South Coast Plaza digs after a spectacular decade for new, bigger digs at Crystal Cove Promenade. The mind boggles at what new creations Florent & Amelia Marneau will offer when the Newport Coast spot opens this coming spring. But here’s a request: can you keep the giant macaron?

I have no idea how I became such a big fan of this most daintiest of desserts, but I am. And the best in Southern California is Amelia’s juggernaut. Yes, it’s humongous, but also perfectly thought out: lightly crunchy cookie, luscious pistachio gelato, surrounded by a delightful mise en scene of strawberries, a yuzu mousseline, raspberry coulis and even more pistachio genius. The current Marché Moderne spot closes this coming January, so have a couple of more decadent meals here—and always, always finish with the macaron. Vive le dessert!.

Marché Moderne, 3333 Bristol St., #3001, Costa Mesa, (714) 434-79004.


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