Squeeze, slurp, repeatEXPAND
Squeeze, slurp, repeat
Cynthia Rebolledo

Eat This Now: Ganjang Gejang at Delicious Table

15 years ago, our Mexican-in-Chief gave Buena Park's stretch of Beach Boulevard and its arteries the nickname of Buena Korea for its glut of Korean restaurants back then. Today? It's our own K-Town, with millennials forsaking the working class Little Seoul of their parents in Garden Grove for the upper-middle class fun zones of northwest OC. It's become such the hot spot Koreatown hotspots now frequently open an OC branch here.

Wholly ours for the time being is Delicious Table, a dive next to a liquor store with Korean classics like yuk gae jang (spicy beef soup) to bulgogi. But their star is the ganjang gejang—raw blue crabs marinated in soy sauce. The crustacean is broken down into pieces for optimal sucking of its jelly-like meat. Seasoned in ginger, green onions, and garlic, the crab is sweet, pungent and slightly briny. Order the dish with a side of rice to stuff the shells and not letting any roe or crab innards go to waste. It’s a hefty serving, so find someone to slurp down with and enjoy the banchan that never ends.

Delicious Table, 7875 Commonwealth Ave.., Buena Park, (714) 522-2633

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