Eat This Now: Corn and Rosemary Scone-kie at Ketri Cafe
Anne Marie Panoringan

Eat This Now: Corn and Rosemary Scone-kie at Ketri Cafe

Free time among friends is a hot commodity. So when one wanted to meet, we seized an opportunity to check out the menu at SanTana's newest eatery. Previously occupied by Cafe Chiarini, Ketri Cafe began serving a modest selection of brekkie and lunch options for the judicial neighborhood a month ago. As we weighed our options, one thing was clear--we needed to order dessert.

Staring back at us was a cookie-like treat, but the label stated scone. No, wait. It was a scone-kie, some baked hybrid. Of the two flavors available, our curiosity was piqued by their sweet corn and rosemary combination (two flavors we previously didn't think should be co-mingling in batter). Once we made our choice, the cashier proceeded to ask us questions about how we wanted it served. You're kidding, right? Isn't a plate enough?

We were swayed to try it their way, and watched as our delicate scone-kie was prepped with soft butter, then frosted once more with apricot jam. As we gingerly took a bite, the crumble of cornmeal released soothing aromatherapy. There was a bit 'o honey playing off the tangy apricot and buttery layers. To call it sensory overload was being modest. It required a cup of hot, or at least iced tea to complement the flavors.

While we also ordered a side salad and pork pita (prepared with a wood-burning oven tucked away in a dining courtyard), our lasting impression was the first one. Lingering sweet and savory flavors of our quirky dessert left a grin on our face the remainder of the afternoon.

Ketri Cafe is located at 1002 W 3rd St, Santa Ana; Follow Stick a Fork In It on Twitter @ocweeklyfood or on Facebook! And don't forget to download our free Best Of App here!


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