Eat This Now: Apple Filled Donut At Simmzy's Pub
Anne Marie Panoringan

Eat This Now: Apple Filled Donut At Simmzy's Pub

To be honest, we debated which Simmzy's dessert we liked better. Our beer and pizza pairing may have slighted our judgement thismuch, but since we eat with our eyes first, this sweet whispered "Come hither" as we took a bite from our s'mores pudding chalice.

Donuts are a very personal choice. Krullers, sprinkles, or cream-filled--what you choose speaks volumes. We lean towards a chocolate old-fashioned (although regular will do in a pinch) in mixed baker's dozens, but this complex doughboy required a deceptively delicious glazed base to start.

The key to this crafty donut is in its name. Fork through those outer layers, and out oozes our  Trojan horse of desserts: crisp, diced apples. More layered than French apple pie, our ring leader is surrounded by a moat of salted caramel sauce. It's sweet, salty and fruity.

All that's left are toppings--one topping, really. With color and texture to save this from being shades of boring, pistachios nudge past that other dessert. Of course, the kitchen made sure to make their mark a la mode. This ain't no French Laundry semifreddo coffee and doughnuts, but it still made us sigh from sweet overload.

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