Eat This Now: Apple Croissant Tart at Gypsy Den

Eat This Now: Apple Croissant Tart at Gypsy Den

We'll always love the Gypsy Den because...well, it's the pinche Gypsy Den, as essential to OC Weekly identity as Bob Dornan and bashing the GOP. But let's be honest: for the past couple of years, the Den has rested a bit much on its reputation for good veggie eats, better coffee, and a slab of carrot cake that looks like a cutaway view of Mt. Everest. The menu didn't change for years, and the specials were few and far in-between.

But in the past couple of weeks, owner Emily Meyer has found a new wind. She now offers a Sunday vegan/vegetarian brunch (complete with mimosas!) at the SanTana location and has introduced an apple croissant tart that I have eaten five of in the past seven days.
It takes the classic, airy Gypsy Den croissant, sprinkles granules of sugar on top, then bakes it with a orchard of apple slices--a tart, sure, but as homey as an apple pie. Last time I went, they were giving out samples of another tart, this one spiked with strawberry cream version even better than the apple tart. Congrats, Gypsy Den: you're back to show the coming pretenders how to keep us fed and hip.

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The Gypsy Den

125 N. Broadway Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92701


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