Eat Here, Not There: Regular Flour Quesadilla

One meal I never buy, and get angry when those around me buy it, is a regular quesadilla. I'm not talking about a regional version (more on that in a bit), but the basic: flour tortilla melted with an American cheese--sometimes cheddar, sometimes Monterey Jack. There is no reason to buy this dish, because it's easier to make than a freakin' sandwich.

Nevertheless, people buy the meal. And the one fast-food quesadilla that those in my universe seem to buy the most is the Del Taco variety. It's absolutely straightforward: a thin layer of cheddar, and green sauce. I would never buy it, but always steal a slice when people do--it's not bad.

But better? El Rincón Chilango's regular flour quesadilla.

Eat Here, Not There: Regular Flour Quesadilla

This SanTana fave is best appreciated for its Mexico City-style food, but the owners know even Mexicans sometimes want simple, fast food. So while they do make amazing chilango-style quesadillas from hand-made corn tortillas, quesillo, and featuring flor de calabaza or huitlacoche, they also cook a massive, regular flour tortilla, using Monterey Jack as the cheese.

Again: I wouldn't usually order it (I do partake of the chilango quesadillas, though), but El Rincón Chilango's regular flour quesadilla is as close to what I make for my breakfast: a massive flour tortilla, layers of Monterey Jack, not burnt but browned, and with fresh salsa. It's as thick as pinky, and double the size of Del Taco's version. The above is a combo, but order it regular--or better yet, make your own quesadilla at home. But, if you must have something greasy and gooey to start the day, El Rincón Chilango is there for the dining desmadre.

El Rincón Chilango, 1133 W. 17th St., Santa Ana, (714) 836-5096.


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