Eat Here, Not There: Lake Forest Brekkie Deal

What can I get for two dollars?
What can I get for two dollars?

There's a plaza on the corner of Trabuco and Bake in Lake Forest that houses a McDonalds. For a buck, you can indulge in processed sausage burritos, sausage McMuffins, a small cuppa joe, a sausage biscuit and/or hash browns. If you require a drive-thru, and want to pay as little as possible, this is acceptable.

However, this is about finding not only a cheap brekkie, but one made with a little more TLC; and it's coincidentally in the same plaza. If you've got five-ish minutes to spare (and it's before 10 a.m.), we've got a better alternative.

Eat Here, Not There: Lake Forest Brekkie Deal

Over at Skewers, it's a 99-cent selection of freshly cooked tastes. While the selections are as unfussy as its neighbor across the way, there's a sense of comfort knowing you can not only make eye contact with the guy working the griddle, but watch him at work. French toast and pancakes cover the sweet tooth, a trio of burritos, bacon taco and meaty muffin sandwich round out the options.

The owner is typically close by greeting customers and lending a hand with a fresh pot of coffee or ringing up orders. He's owned multiple concepts over the years: Italian, French, even Chinese. However, he's settled on Mediterranean-inspired flavors because he considers them  healthier than the rest. We learn that the spices they use are fresh, and they make their own breads.

Eat Here, Not There: Lake Forest Brekkie Deal

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I've tried the burritos and tacos a number of times after working out, and like how there's red and green sauces available (already in to-go ramekins, so one less thing to ask for forget). The chorizo one is the only deal that includes tiny diced potatoes in the mix, giving a little more per bite. Portions are modest, wrapped items use a warm flatbread for a different kind of chew.

On my last visit, I branched out and tried french toast and the egg & ham muffin. Both simplistic in ingredients, but sometimes simple is all one wants to taste. For a couple of bucks, the brekkie does the job and keeps Morgan Spurlock nighmares at bay.

Skewers Cafe is at 24531 Trabuco Rd, Suite E, Lake Forest, (949) 599-0400.

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