Early Bird Cafe's 'Cali Picnic Dog' Is Basically Summer In Your Mouth

Early Bird Cafe's 'Cali Picnic Dog' Is Basically Summer In Your Mouth
Early Bird Cafe

So this is what happens when you tell the overachievers at Early Bird Cafe to make a hot dog. Behold, the Cali Picnic Dog. What's in it? Well, there's a chicken-fried all-beef frank, watermelon guacamole (whaaat?), potato chips (double whaaat?), homemade smoked ranch and cilantro, all atop a mini brioche roll. Basically, it's everything wonderful about summer served on a plate.

The magic can by experienced at the Foodbeast Summer Classic: Hot Dog Tasting and Invitational happening on Aug. 4 from 5 to 10 p.m. at Early Bird Cafe in Fullerton. Foodbeast, of course, is the popular OC-based food news site that prompted the world to chase down the 'Monkey Style' burger at In-N-Out.

An event in two parts, the tasting will consist of the Cali Picnic Dog and a mystery dog from Hopscotch, while the invitational portion is an eating contest. To win, contestants must complete "seven levels of hot dog danger"--a plain dog, mustard dog, Chicago dog, Coney Dog, LA dog, the Cali Picnic Dog and the mystery Hopscotch dog, all in that order.

Tickets for dogs and beers will be $5 at the door. Ten tickets are $40, and 20 tickets are $60.

As for whether we'll see the Cali Picnic Dog after Aug. 4, Early Bird chef Frank DeLoach tells us, "It's possible, for sure."

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