Earl Of Sandwich "Official" Grand Opening In Downtown Disney Today

Earl Of Sandwich "Official" Grand Opening In Downtown Disney Today
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We can't stand the term "soft opening." It's like slang for "forgive any shoddy reviews our first month; we're still learning the ropes!" Places don't need to man up all over themselves-- just be ready for the bum rush that is opening day, week and month. Especially for an established chain, previous experience should teach one to anticipate needs and expectations.

So despite a soft opening on Monday, the official word is that Earl of Sandwich is NOW OPEN.  For those of you that knew sooner, kudos if you took advantage of their 25% off deal that ended Thursday.

Per Shuji's report back in February, their only California locale was scheduled to open over the summer. Will they draw the same crowds as their Disney counterparts? Considering almost all other options downtown are either full service or take-out, we say most definitely. Watch out La Brea Bakery, royalty is coming to kick your sourdough ass! Add one to Edwin's November Restaurant Roundup.

Earl of Sandwich is at 1565 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim; www.earlofsandwichusa.com.

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