Downey's Dunkin'
Downey's Dunkin'
Dave Lieberman

Dunkin' Donuts Opens in Long Beach; Laguna Hills Location Next

You East Coasters who've been flocking to Downey for the first Dunkin' Donuts around these here parts in a long, long time can now also flock to Long Beach; Another one just opened there last week at 5560 E 7th St.

And for those who are in South County who'd rather go to the one in Camp Pendleton rather than schlep it to Long Beach, well, there's good news: there will be a Laguna Hills Dunkin' Donuts soon.

That one, at 25242 McIntyre St., is still under construction. But you can check the progress on their Facebook if you want.

But you might as well keep your expectations in check regardless. Our Dave Lieberman, an ex-Right-Coaster himself, had not-so-great experience at the Downey location.

As for me? I'm happy to keep Dunkin' Donuts as an only-when-I'm-at-Logan-Airport treat for a little longer.

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