"Dumpling & Noodle House" Coming to Irvine

Thanks to our astute friend and food blogger BrekkieFan, I got wind of a new Irvine eatery with a promising name: Dumpling & Noodle House. And of all places it could be in Irvine, it's in the Marketplace.  Read: It's not in Diamond Jamboree, where all the new Asian places seem to sprout these days. 

You might remember what used to be there before: Ezo Noodle Cafe, a restaurant I had never stepped into even though I lived not more than a few blocks away.

But from peering over the blacked-out windows of this still unopened restaurant, I saw what looks like a menu marquee. I spied categories of ramen, gyoza and the like. But it just may mean that they hadn't bothered to take down Ezo's old menu.

I'm secretly hoping that it ditches the Japanese food and goes whole hog serving juicy pork dumplings a-la Din Tai Fung. I doubt it, but a foodie can dream, can't he?

Dumpling & Noodle House, 13256 Jamboree Rd., Irvine, CA 92602


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