Dueling Dishes: Battle Chicken Nuggets!

It took so long for Burger King to finally come head-to-head with their arch nemesis, even Wendy's started selling nuggets before they did. With last week's overdue announcement, The King has finally stepped up to face off against those golden arches. It's about damn time.

We gave ourselves two consecutive days of deep-fried protein at lunch to decide once and for all what was worth dipping into more. The results were bothersome.

There was a childhood of fast food. Not all the time, but enough to recall mall visits where our conversation would include debates of "McDonald's or Burger King?" Chunks of boneless chicken and our choice of sauce were a winning combo. And those gimmicks! Anyone remember trying to use chopsticks? We ended up jabbing our stick into a McNugget in order to eat.

Who remembers how the crunch, the taste, the side of barbecue dip would give us a sodium high? It was wrong and right all at the same time, but the right always overruled the wrong (thanks to Coca Cola and those fries). This last time was different, though. The crispy shell wasn't as thick. Dare they even look smaller than we remember? We don't know.

Burger King
Burger King
Anne Marie Panoringan

Other than some awkward attempt at chicken fries, Burger King hesitated far too long before advertising white meat dipped in tempura-style batter. They looked a little better, which isn't saying much. Hell, we think Dino Nuggets are uppity. Taste-wise, they were fine. Despite feeling greasy inside and out later on, they weren't bad at all. We recall liking their sauce selection a tad better-- it reminded us of Chick Fil-A.

So what's the verdict? We went in expecting to either be let down by Burger King or content with McDonalds. It was more vice versa, but there was no clear winner. It was a so-so conclusion to a so-so duel. We expect die hards to side with an original. Maybe we should've taken our godson for some brutal honesty? Next time.

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