Boudin SF
Boudin SF
Anne Marie Panoringan

Dueling Dishes: Apple, Fig And Cheese Sandwiches

One-hit wonders. Dynamic duos. How 'bout them threes? Three French hens. Three of a kind. Threesomes. Bell Biv Devoe. There are some trios with swagger out there. And apple, fig 'n cheese combinations are definitely one of them. We weren't aiming to do a comparison, but ended up finding two completely different versions that caught our attention.

In addition to ordering clam chowder on National Clam Chowder Day at Boudin SF, our astigmatism wandered to this hot plate. $7.99 for grilled cheese with apples and fig jam. We also had the option of mixed greens or chips.

Maybe it had to do with the multi-grain bread, but it was pretty damn tasty. Texture plays a deciding factor in our duel. Boudin's version has fruit sliced thin. The gooey handful was a little messy, and some apples tried to escape, but we prevailed in the end. Our jam and cheese bound tastes together. It was creamy and crisp and sweet. Bonus points for presentation.

On the flip side, for $3.20, we got this.

Sorry excuse for a sandwich
Sorry excuse for a sandwich

What the hell, Jamba Juice? Less Elmer's and more Krazy Glue, they passed our sandwich through a conveyor belt toaster oven we recognized from our meals in the dining commons. We didn't want to inspect the contents, but its lack of flavor left us demanding answers. Even the raisin cinnamon bread was mediocre. To think we ordered it as nourishment during our cold war. Blech. Took a double shot of wheatgrass to wash down that nightmare.

We certainly got what we paid for. Our San Francisco treat from Boudin wins by a mile.

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